Every Video Poker Player Ought to Read a Book Prior to Playing.

Video poker is a five-card draw poker-inspired electronic casino game. Comparable in scale to slot machines are the video poker devices.

The inaugural video poker machine debuted in 1970, coinciding with the advent of personal computers.

The prevalence of video poker machines began to increase during the 1980s. Locating the machines was straightforward and comparatively less daunting than engaging in a table with human participants.

Varieties of video blackjack with full pay include:

Jacks or Superior
Better than Bally’s All American Tens
Wild Deuces Wild Bonus Poker for the Joker
Low-Paying Double Bonus Double Double Bonus Video Poker Variations Include:

9 out of 5 Jacks or Higher
8 out of 6 Jacks or Higher
8 out of 5 Jacks or Higher
7 out of 5 Jacks or Higher
6 out of 5 Jacks or higher
Progressive reward diversions as well
Video poker machines are readily available in most gambling establishments. In the absence of regular return percentage disclosures by casinos, players are required to discern which machine provides the most favorable schedules.

These publications will instruct you on the identification of those devices as well as winning strategies.

  1. The Video Poker Advantage: Strategic Play and Appropriate Betting
    The Video Poker Edge was initially published in 2005 and was authored by Linda Boyd.

Linda Boyd spent a number of years as a mathematics educator prior to transitioning to video poker, baccarat, and live poker. Utilizing her foundation in mathematics and gaming expertise, she authored this book in a straightforward format that presents all mathematical equations in the form of tables and step-by-step illustrations.

Video poker is introduced with some contextual information in the beginning of the book.
Following this, eight prevalent video poker games and their respective descriptions are presented.
Information consists of the correct response for each common hand dealt by the computer.

For reference purposes in the casino, detachable strategy cards are included in the rear of the book.

Two: Economical Video Poker

Frugal Video Poker was initially published in 2006 and was co-authored by Jean Scott and Viktor Nacht.

Since the publication of The parsimonious Gambler in 1998, for which she is best known, Jean Scott has continued to publish books on parsimonious wagering. In addition, she possesses a pocket-sized guide and video poker software that complement the Frugal Video Poker book.

Frugal Video Poker is an at-home tutoring program that provides you with practical experience without requiring you to wager your own funds.

The pocket-sized guide is titled The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide and it consolidates the most important details from the book and software into a pocket-sized publication that is convenient to carry to the casino.

Viktor Nacht began his career in the publishing industry as a webmaster for Playboy Enterprises and as a professional blackjack player. In addition to advancing his blackjack profession, he relocated to Las Vegas to study video poker. Subsequent to acquiring Arnold Snyder’s publication company, he has founded a number of gaming-oriented websites.






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