Elemento: A Review of the Slot

Elemento, an online slot inspired on the classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water, is the latest release from the Swedish studio Fantasma Games. As Fantasma’s first opportunity to fill a grid spot, they’ve made the most of Elemento by going quite big. Considering the size and possibilities of the grid, the word “large” is an apt descriptor. Players can maximize their winnings in Elemento thanks to a slew of bonus features, including cluster payouts, avalanches, Element Wilds, free spins, and a progressive multiplier.

Connecting Fantasma’s game to one of the most popular grid slots on the market, the symbols on the board have a Reactoonz vibe, with their wide eyes and lack of malice. The Play Area, which contains the game’s pay symbols, is 7×7, while the Element Area, which contains the game’s modifier symbols, is 9×9. Aside from this area, the remainder of the screen is rather simple for a Fantasma game. Typically, their games include detailed, often fantastical, backdrops that complement the action on the reels. This time around, the purple clouds are whirling in a more minimalist fashion. Not that it has any bearing on the gameplay, but just something to keep in mind. For the Element Wilds (which we’ll get into shortly), there are four counters over on the left.

Statistics show that, all things considered, Fantasma has created a solid grid slot. Starting at a respectable 96.33%, the RTP skyrockets to an astounding 97.94% when the feature purchase is activated (where applicable). Since high volatility is optimal for the game’s design, it alternates between relatively calm periods of play and frenetic bursts of success. If things get going, big victories are definitely in the cards.

The regular payouts are comprised of eight symbols: four low and four high. Negative values are represented by a little green, a large green, a purple, and a red candy-like symbol. Then, when 15 or more of the lovable characters appear in a cluster, you’ll win 6-20 times your initial wager. As we shall see, the wild only manifests itself through its seeming characteristics.

Slot Featured in Elemento’s

Winning combinations consist of 5 or more identical symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically. Once a cluster is formed, the associated symbols are eliminated from the playing field and replaced by a cascade of new symbols. Consecutive victories hit thanks to an avalanche until no fresh clusters arise, at which point the next spin can begin. If an Element Wild is not part of a cluster victory, one may be generated at random in the Element Area.

Elemento’s combination of features, designed to boost each other’s profitability, makes for a delightful experience. The four Element Wilds play a key role in this game and can only be found in the Element Zone. Following a successful avalanche, up to six random wild symbols will shuffle clockwise throughout the Element Area. Similar to the strategy utilized by Maze Escape Megaways, now Element Wild symbols that are a component of a cluster win are triggered. The relevant Element Meter goes up by 1, and the active elemental wilds are used in a predetermined sequence when the avalanche ends;

A fresh win evaluation is performed once Fire Wild has been activated, potentially triggering a new avalanche cycle.

When activated, X Flood causes the nine adjacent symbols on the Play Area to all be replaced by the same symbol. Two X Floods can occur in a single spin, increasing the potential for winning clusters by making two x-shaped patterns.

Demolition will randomly select 1 low paying symbol. When this happens, a fresh cascade begins and no more of these symbols will appear. There is a limit of four symbols per Demolition.

The Tornado selects a random symbol, and the eight neighboring symbols are either changed to match the selected kind or eliminated. Twice as many tornadoes can form.

You will receive 5 free spins and an additional 1 free spin for each of the 4 Element Wild symbols that were activated during the base game spin if you manage to do so. After an avalanche occurs during a free spin, the win multiplier increases by 1, all the way up to x99. In addition to retriggering the feature indefinitely, players can extend the round by activating all four Element Wilds.

Finally, the feature purchase button allows players to bypass the main game entirely and go right to the bonus round. This will start a spin that is guaranteed to award free spins at a cost of 60 times the stake.

Slot Decision in Elemento

You can pick this performance apart and identify a few flaws, but it will take some doing. The graphic style, for instance, may be a divisive factor amongst players; while some would adore the game’s charming creatures and neon-like colors, others may find them boring imitations of Reactoonz. The focus group was mainly enthusiastic, but not completely on board. The game’s pace may also be frustratingly sluggish at times, especially during lengthy spin sequences. Ten seconds of animations are often provided for a return of around half that amount.

The first grid slot from Fantasma has a successful cluster pays/avalanche combination, a slew of modifiers, and free spins with multipliers—everything a lover of this genre could want. The addition of a juicy possibility makes this grid slot a pleasant one to play.

Elemento’s feature purchase is an enticing approach to quickly access the game’s most rewarding parts for individuals who learn best by doing. For one, the pricing is fair in comparison to similar offerings, and it’s nice that free spins aren’t the first thing you see. However, in order to activate all Elemental Wilds, you will be treated to a lengthy round of cluster victories. During this procedure, you can not only earn a substantial amount of free spins, but also amass a huge win with which to kick off the round. This brings us to Elemento’s potential, where it succeeds once more by providing winnings of up to 16,000 times your stake.

One may quibble that Elemento doesn’t represent a paradigm change. That, however, is hardly a problem given how well-designed everything else is.






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